Add Value to Your School!

A great way to strengthen our schools is to increase Marginal Value for our parents. 

Marginal Value can be understood as the calculation that parents make that an increase in tuition is worth more than other discretionary purchases. As tuition increases, parents make a calculation that the added cost is or is not producing an incremental value equal to or greater than the increase in cost relative to other educational options and purchases. If parents do not perceive the quality of education provided to be of more value than other options, parents will choose those options.

In short, we increase Marginal Value by giving parents more for their tuition dollars. 

One way to add Marginal Value is by offering unique opportunities for your students. The [Catapult Engineering Academy] (CEA) is one way to do so. Briarwood Christian School currently offers CEA courses to our students. The response from our parents and students has been outstanding. 

Below is information on CEA. I encourage you to contact Mark for more information. 

DISCLAIMER: Mark is NOT paying for this endorsement. I am sharing this information with you because our students and parents have found the program to be of great benefit. I believe yours will too.

"A gulp-worthy 60% of freshmen engineering students eventually drop-out or change majors.  Over 40% don’t even make it through year one." – Andrew Belasco,

The Reasons
• Unprepared for the high level of rigor
• Inadequate academic preparation
• Inability to connect college-prep courses to the bigger picture of engineering

Catapult Engineering Academy addresses all three of these issues with a curriculum designed and taught by an engineer with 20 years of experience as a full-time high school teacher!

• Proven college-prep engineering curriculum designed to mirror the first two years of an undergraduate engineering program
• Relevant content that provides context for learning
• Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focus coupled with hard and soft skill development
Course Format
• Delivered using Instructure’s Canvas Learning Management System
• Tailored to your learning environment…from blended classroom to independent study
• All teaching is embedded in the online material and accessible 24/7
• Facilitating teachers do not have to become content experts
• Supported by online Teaching Assistants

2016-17 Course Offerings  (Course Descriptions)
• Introduction to Solid Modeling & Engineering Design  (1 and 2 semester options)
• Engineering Computations with MATLAB & LabVIEW  (1 and 2 semester options)
• Undergraduate Engineering 1  (2 semesters)

For more information about how a partnership with Catapult Engineering Academy can complement and expand the STEM offerings available to your students, please contact:

Mark D. Conner, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
Catapult Engineering Academy