The Secret to Raising [and Teaching] Smart Kids

I ran across this excellent article in Scientific American. It will only take 10 minutes or less to read; it is well worth your time. After reading the article, I sent the email below to my staff. I plan to also send the article to our parents.

Link to article (PDF): The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Citation: Dweck, C. S. (2015, January 1). The Secret to Raising Smart Kids. Scientific American. doi:10.1038/scientificamericangenius0115–76

I trust that you will find this article as helpful as I did.

Dr. Barrett Mosbacker, Publisher

January 02, 2015

Dear Staff,

I trust you have had a restful holiday season with family and friends. I have!

I ran across this very helpful article titled The Secret to Raising Smart Kids. It will take 10 minutes or less to read but is more than worth the small investment of your time. A rainy Friday is ideal for reading.  

I plan to share this article with parents. I anticipate that some parents will ask you about this article; I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it and then ask yourself a few questions as a parent, administrator, teacher, or coach:

• Do YOU have a “Fixed” or a “Growth” mind-set in YOUR life and work? How might your mindset affect the way you respond to challenges and constructive criticism?

• Do you believe that your children, students, athletes, or subordinates have fixed or dynamic intelligence and abilities? How DOES your belief affect the way you lead, teach, and coach them?

• How SHOULD the research summarized in this article affect the way you speak and the way you teach/train your children, students, athletes, or employees?

• How SHOULD this research affect the way you assess and grade others?

• Does this research align with biblical principles? If so, which ones?

The above questions are for your reflection, not a request for a response to me—although responses are welcome. 

Thank you for all that you do in serving Christ. Your hard work glorifies Christ and blesses others. 

Barrett Mosbacker

“I trust in you, O Lord, my times are in your hand.” Psa. 31:14