The Power of Relationships and School Culture

Reflections about Relationships, Dr. Kynerd (Chancellor of Briarwood Christian School)

These brief Reflections are offered to encourage you to have the Lord as your shepherd, remain faithful to honor Him in the ways you handle relationships, respond to each relationship opportunity with confidence and security rooted in God, remember God’s sufficiency, and be grateful for the gift of each day.

1. People are more important to God than anything. John 3:16. Therefore Christian school workers must honor people in ways consistent with God’s love for people. Honoring people as a reflection of our love for God becomes a cornerstone for building a grace community. Love one another. John 15:12.

2. Every School worker is confronted with challenges, tension, disappointments, conflict, etc. We reveal our view of God by how we receive issues and by how we respond to the issues and the people God connected with them! Matthew 6:25-33 invites us to trust God. The alternative is to trust ourselves and/or the circumstances. Initial indicators of trusting self/circumstances are worry, criticism, complaining, or feeling underappreciated! An initial indicator of trusting God is to immediately ask “Father, what would you have me learn from this and would you guide my response?” Run from self to God!

3. Dr. Harry Reeder, pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, says “One indicator of our reverence for the Lord is how we treat one another.” How are students, teachers, staff, parents, and visitors treated at your School?

4. When communicating with people “Say what you mean, mean what you say but never be mean or convey criticism in what you say.” Each contact, personal and impersonal, provides a discipleship opportunity. May we see our opportunities and responsibilities as treasured gifts from God.

5. How you respond to people and tension defines your view of people and of excellence and will have life changing impact person by person. What happens at school will last to eternity and it may impact which eternity a person has.

6. How you do what you do will define the School’s culture! School culture has an overwhelming influence on defining School success and advancement! Love Never Fails.” I Corinthians 13:8. James 1-3 instructs us in needed wisdom.

The leadership of the School plays the determining role in how people will be viewed and if God’s perspective about people will be the School’s practice with people! May we honor God by trusting and loving Him, by our dependence on Him, and by growing in gratitude to Him for people.