Don't Forget to Jott--Why?

I am reposting an update on my prior article on Jott. WHY?

Because I am convinced that once you use Jott for about two weeks you will use it constantly.

Jott is amazingly efficient and it is FREE. Here is how it works. You call Jott and:

  • Leave yourself a message
  • Leave someone else or an entire work team a message
  • Leave yourself short term, long-term, and recurring reminders, e.g, birthdays--anniversary anyone!
  • Use one of the many Jott free services, e.g, you can add content to a calendar system, a project tool, a blog, etc., simply by calling Jott. Here is a partial list of the services available through Jott:

This video will give you a good idea of how Jott works. Try it for two weeks. I am convinced that you will wonder how you got along without it!