What is CCEI and Why Should You Care?


By Mitchell Salerno with Jon Keith

CCEI is the Interim Programs and The Christian Coalition for Educational Innovation. 

Do you currently conduct an interim program such as J-Term or Winterim?  Are you interested in beginning an interim program in the coming years?  A group of schools that currently operates interim programs or that are interested in interim programs recently organized to form a coalition for the purpose of collaborating, partnering, and advancing interim programs.

In October 2009, several school leaders expressed interest in working together and wondered if there were other schools that wanted to do the same.  An initial email invitation was made to schools that were known to conduct interim programs and seventeen schools responded.  Excited by this initial response, all agreed to meet via conference call in November 2009.  This meeting was so successful that it became apparent that the group needed to meet in person to explore the possibilities.  To that end, fourteen schools traveled to Orlando, Florida to meet at The Master's Academy in January 2010.  This initial meeting was extremely fruitful and encouraging to all involved and the Christian Coalition for Educational Innovation (CCEI) was born.

Currently, CCEI is in the process of creating a charter and seeks to find other Christian schools that have a passion for innovation.  In particular, CCEI is interested in bringing together Christian schools that are interested in interim programs.  Member schools do not need to operate a particular form of interim program, but, rather, should be interested in interim programs in general.  Additionally, schools that desire to build relationships centered on innovation should consider membership.

If you are interested in finding out more about membership in CCEI or about interim programs, please contact Mitchell Salerno at MitchellSalerno@MastersAcademy.org or Jon Keith at JonKeith@WheatonAcademy.org

You can also download the Brochure