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Click on the image above to go to the site.  I just discovered this amazing resource. 

Below is an excerpt from one of the post-secondary lessons I found on the site.

The “three R’s” of school leadership

A quick check of effectiveness for school administrators.

By Chris Hitch

Your influence as a school leader is more critical today than ever before. Regardless of whether you are dealing with people internal or external to your district, earning their trust is crucial to moving your agenda forward. Although at times you may succeed by issuing edicts or commands, in school situations, leaders generally must rely on their powers of persuasion.

The three “Rs” of school leadership today are as follows:

Are we putting the right people in the right places?

Where are your people deployed? Are they in places where they can be successful? Many school executives resist asking this important leadership question. You or one of your predecessors at some time in the past believed the talents of Teacher X and Staff Member Y matched the positions they now occupy. Times, however, change; talents evolve in various ways. The prudent school leader periodically reviews his or her team’s “lineup” to determine if everybody on the team is “playing” the right position. Education seems to be one of the few professions (OK, education is the only profession I know of) in which the more experienced and valuable a professional becomes, the easier his or her assignments become. The wise school executive asks the question, “Are my strongest players in positions where they can do the greatest good for the school?” …