Implementing Online Learning to Create New Revenue Streams

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Implementing Online Learning to Create New Revenue Streams

As a Christian school administrator you understand the importance of being a good financial steward. Every decision made in your school must be balanced against a budget. And as a private school, you don’t have access to the same state resources as your public competitors. Often, raising tuition is just not an option—your school families are working within tight budgets, as well. Large donations are also hard to come by. That is why it is so important the keep your eye out for new sources of revenue.

One emerging opportunity for Christian schools to create new revenue streams is online christian learning. Schools that implement online learning programs can charge tuition for their courses, offer online courses to students outside the school, and even launch an entire school online. Online learning programs allow a school to cater to students well outside of their geographic limits, expanding their reach to the entire world.

Charging Tuition for Online Courses

Most Christian schools cannot afford to go it alone when they decide to offer online courses. Typically, schools choose to partner with an online learning provider that delivers the course content online and often facilitates the courses with its own teachers. This provides a high level of flexibility for students and schools. Students can start courses at any time and complete them at their own pace, while schools can scale courses easily to fit any class size.

Schools can choose to charge no tuition to attend their online courses, they can choose to charge just enough to cover their costs, or, if they are in search of new revenue streams, they can charge a reasonable amount above their costs. Many parents are willing to pay these fees in exchange for allowing their children to have access to a deep course catalog and a flexible learning schedule.

Reaching Students Outside Your School

Homeschoolers and Christian students who attend public schools need not be considered lost opportunities for revenue. Sometimes, these students (or their parents) are in search of just one or two course options to either:

  • Supplement their homeschooling.

  • Add a Christian element to their public school education.

Your school’s online courses could be the answer to either of these needs. Outside students do not need to arrange transportation or find time during school hours to attend online courses, yet, with the right Christian online learning provider, they will still receive high-quality, accredited courses integrated with the Christian message.

Online courses also offer a great opportunity to impress homeschool or public school families with your school’s dedication to academic rigor and Christian values, potentially inspiring them to start thinking about enrolling their children at your school full time.

Starting an Online School

Once Christian schools realize the revenue advantages for offering classes online, they often decide to take it to the next level and build out an online Christian school, giving students across the country and around the world the opportunity to attend their high-quality, Christ-focused classes for a complete course of education. With the right online learning partners, this is possible, too. At the higher levels of partnership, Christian online learning providers will work with Christian schools to customize courses, train teachers, create branded marketing material, and anything else required to translate their educational expertise, experience, and spiritual commitment into the online domain.

Discover what many Christian schools already know: online learning is the way to grow your school and its revenue while maintaining Christian values and expanding course offerings. Download our free white paper for Christian school educators, “How to Thrive Financially: Christian Schools, Finance and Online Courses Guide," to learn more.

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