18 Ways to Make YOUR Superintendent Very Unhappy

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Eighteen Ways to Make YOUR Superintendent Very Unhappy Guest Article, Bruce Johnson

Things brought to him as superintendent for almost three decades.

  1. Gossip in the Teachers’ Room and don’t hold anyone accountable for anything they say (and don’t let anyone hold you accountable for anything you say).

  2. Trust students (or your spouse) to keep confidences about other students or staff.

  3. Break confidences that you have with parents by “sharing” with other parents, co-workers or your spouse.

  4. Keep confidences you shouldn’t keep (moral, ethical, legal).

  5. Discuss students with other student’s parents.

  6. Miss deadlines for grades or reports – or anything else – if you feel you have something more important to do.

  7. Teach whatever you want to teach – regardless of the approved curriculum.

  8. Be tardy to devotions, staff meetings and class.

  9. Question everything – all the time – after all, you know better than anyone else.

  10. Tell everyone else before you tell your administrator any complaints you may have about the school or him – or her.

  11. Make excuses for your mistakes and never, ever take responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

  12. Don’t volunteer for anything at any time, no matter how much everyone else is doing or how much your assistance is needed.

  13. Ask for special favors and exceptions to policies that apply to everyone else.

  14. Don’t dress or act professionally – and complain if you disagree with any guidelines, decisions regarding curriculum or anything else.

  15. Don’t be careful what you say or how you say it to students or your co-workers.

  16. Recognize that the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22,23 does not apply to you.

  17. Don’t be loyal to the Lord, or school, or each other.

  18. Remember that the school is fortunate to have you on staff.