How to Teach Your Students Business

 I’d like to introduce you to Patrick Bell – a fellow educator and a “Kingdom” entrepreneur. Along with his MA in Inter-cultural studies (Wheaton College Graduate School, Illinois) and his MBA in International Business (Regent University School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Virginia), Patrick has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He has recently returned to Canada (Kelowna, BC) after 23 years abroad and lives with his wife, Holly, and 3 children.

Besides teaching and continual development of the Amaze Online High School Business Curriculum, he works as a professor of business at the Okanagan College School of Business. I’ve seen in him an intense desire to transcend theory to practical application and that philosophy of education is reflected in his course content and style of instruction.

I think you’ll find it interesting what he has to share.

Dr. Mosbacker, CSJ Publisher


Guest article by Patrick Bell

In the early stages of 2012, God laid upon my heart to write and produce a full curriculum of high school business courses that would prepare young people around the world with practical business building skills, but also capture their hearts to live for the glory of God in their work environment. As a “4th Generation missionary”, I was raised to believe that missionaries and “full-time workers” were elite Christians. It wasn’t until I was running a business as a “tentmaker/Kingdom Entrepreneur” in Japan that I came to realize that it’s not so much the work that we do in this world that pleases Him, but that we are working in the field that He has called us to.

It is my belief that Jesus has a keen interest in our business activities and indeed, as we operate our businesses under his leading, working for the glory and honor of God, we engage in worship as we work (Romans 12:1).

In May, 2012, at the Vancouver Symposium for Christian Education in the 21st Century, Christian educational leaders today were calling out for a strong curriculum that prepares the next generation of students to be entrepreneurial, innovative, and possess the practical skills to envision, create, and manage a business that meets the needs of society around them.

My heart was practically burning up as I shared with Barrett and others, “That’s what I’m doing!” One year later, we’re getting ready to launch.

The Amaze Online High School Business Courses will help develop extraordinarily competent, entrepreneurial young people who lead with excellence, integrity, and innovation, guided in all things by Jesus Christ, grounded on a solid Biblical foundation. This preparation will involve learning the technical and practical skills of business and entrepreneurship. It will focus on the transfer of wisdom and practical skills, not just theory or knowledge.

The courses will distinguish themselves by the following characteristics:

Business Education from a Christian Worldview: The combination of my graduate school studies at Wheaton College and at Regent University together with my business experience across various cultures help define the inter-cultural sensitivity, rigour, and practical business knowledge throughout the courses.

Entrepreneurial Perspective: Whether our students plan to work for a large company or start their own businesses, our emphasis on creativity, innovation, and change will help them develop and implement new ideas to serve changing markets.

Technology is changing the face of education at a hyper-speed rate. The courses use cutting edge technology to engage students and encourage learning. The lessons will be available in text, audio, or video to accommodate different learning styles, and will be available anytime, anywhere, by anyone, using any device.

My goal is to teach our students

     • how to use business skills to help meet the economic and spiritual needs of their nation (especially important in a developing country);
     • biblical principles and character (including biblical ethics) in the marketplace;
     • their business can be a blessing to their community and their country's economy;
     • their business will enable them to present the gospel by word and deed;
     • they can produce, market, and sell products or services that are in harmony with God's divine order and purpose;
     • they can influence others by showing them how to run a business while treating people of all walks of life with dignity and respect, not just as a means of profit;
     • they can empower their fellow workers with knowledge and methods;
     • they can serve God fully in their business, and that ministry is not just for pastors and evangelists;
     • they are instruments in bringing about a sustainable economic and spiritual transformation to the communities in which they serve.

Our first course, Entrepreneurship & Creative Innovation (Grade 11, 120 hours) is currently in peer review and will be available in June. Internet Marketing (Grade 12, 120 hours) will be available in September. You can learn more about these courses and our vision by visiting or by contacting me at

May God’s peace be yours today!


Please note that Patrick will teach a limited number of students in the first year and will make these courses available to license in subsequent years. If you have four or five entrepreneurial-minded students in your school that might benefit from these courses, and who would serve as “pilot students” for your school, please contact Patrick and get on his short list.  I’ve seen his course outlines and believe me when I say that they’re impressive. Even we need to learn these things.  

Dr. Mosbacker, CSJ Publisher