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Dr. Barrett Mosbacker serves as the Superintendent of Briarwood Christian School, which enrolls nearly 2000 students in Birmingham, AL. He also serves as adjunct professor at Covenant College where he teaches School Business Management in the graduate program. Dr. Mosbacker also consults with Christian schools throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada, Lebanon, Asia, and Australia. Prior to his work in Christian education, Dr. Mosbacker worked for several U.S. corporations and as a management consultant to the Legal Services Corp., Washington, D.C.

Dr. Mosbacker received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. He earned his Masters in Educational Leadership from Covenant College and his B.A. is Business Management from Cedarville University. He also completed 40 graduate hours in systematic theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. 

He is the publisher of the Christian School Journal Blog and the editor and contributing author of School Based Clinics and Other Critical Issues in Public Education. He is a contributing author to Schools as Communities-Strategic Stewardship: Resource Management for the Educational Leader. Some of his other publications include Saying Yes to Merit Pay: One School’s Experience, Promoting Faculty Professional Development through Peer Mentoring, Navigating Copyright Law in the Electronic Age, Consultative Management: A Practical and Realistic Approach for Managing our Schools, and I Brake for Cyberhogs, (The American School Board Journal). 

Dr. Mosbacker’s passion is the development of world-class Christian schools that set the standard of educational excellence for God’s glory. He believes that Christian schools should be the best in the world and should be characterized by vibrant, innovative, loving learning communities where the staff reflect the Fruit of the Spirit and a love for students and learning as they disciple believing students and evangelize the lost. Dr. Mosbacker loves Christian teachers and desires to see them become Christian professionals who set the standard for professionalism as they employ their teaching craft for God’s glory and the benefit of their students.

Dr. Mosbacker teaches adult Sunday School at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. He and his wife Beverly have three daughters and one granddaughter. 

About the Christian School Journal

The Christian School Journal (CSJ) is devoted to fostering creative dialog on promoting excellence in K-12 Christian schools. Discussion focuses on worldview development, research, instructional/assessment strategies, personnel, personal productivity,finance, technology integration, and best practices for promoting and sustaining world-class quality in Christian schools.

The Christian School Journal is published by Dr. Barrett Mosbacker, Superintendent of Briarwood Christian School. Dr. Mosbacker also serves as an adjunct professor at Covenant College where he teaches School Business Management. You can find more information on Dr. Mosbacker on his Linkedin Profile. Mr. Zach Clark is the CEO ofDevelopment and Leadership Coaching. and  a contributing author to the Christian School Journal. With years of school consulting and development experience, Mr. Clark brings insightful analysis to many common issues facing Christian school leaders. Mr. Clark also serves as the site’s technical director ensuring that the site runs smoothly.